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How the page's headline already sais, this page is about the Kwapple, a nearly wiped out fruit, which has its origin in Japan and was seen in the hinterland of Hiroshima in 1945, for the first time.

So, you surely ask yourself this one question why this marvellous fruit is so unknown? Well, it's because of the japanese gouvernement, that sais that the Kwapple might be nuclear contaminated and involves unpleasured side effects like a sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses), the appendix uprising internal bleedings or uncontrollable urgency after you eat one of these fruits. Consequential the Kwapple was stamped out until it nearly lost its existence and every single report about the Kwapple was hidden by the japanese gouvernement.

But in april 2006 some polish emigrants found an up to now unknown field of this exotic fruit. So, to save the stocks, the finders agitated and originated a worldwide rescue operation for the Kwapple.

This site occupies, like it was said before with the Kwapple and supports the campaign "SAVE THE KWAPPLE".

So agitate against the extermination like thousands before and show this site everybody you know, because per visitor there will be sent  a subscription to the organisation to let the Kwapple be protected animal!


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73106 visitors (156591 hits) have argitated for the Kwapple!
Help us to save the Kwapple before it dies out, because there's always a reason to protect a fruit's live. So, show this page to everybody you know to let the campaign grow much bigger.
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