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Here are some more pictures of the Kwapple and you can inform yourself everytime for a new. From time to time this site will be updated. So it is worth to visit our site more than once.

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ein Bild

ein Bildein Bild

Since a few weeks it's known that the Kwapple not only discern in colour and shape. Findings displayed that there are two different types of the Kwapple which differ from the composition of the dominating and recessive fruit. But you find genetic and other parallels between this two sorts, which confirm the relation.





Japan, Hiroshima

ein Bild

ein Bild

On both pictures you can see the harvesting or sowing field workers on one of the Kwapple fileds near Hiroshima. The stocks normalize and rise exponentially. However, we still need your help and your voice to save the Kwapple.

ein Bild

Here you can see accurate scale map of the Kwapple's habitat near Hiroshima. These pictures were taken by Google Earth.

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